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Celebrity Bathroom Behaviour

November 21st | | News
Luxury Marble Bathroom

We all like to build castles in the sky every now and again and everyone’s had that discussion with family and friends about what they’d do if they won the lottery or suddenly became rich and famous. Buying a big old house with a pool and a few acres is probably top of most people’s wish lists but have you ever thought about what you would do with your bathroom? Apparently we spend around 1 ½ years of our lives in the washroom, so it makes sense to kit it out with the best that money can buy. Here we provide food for thought with the weird and wonderful goings-on in celebrity bathroom world…

Acting as a standout feature in many a star’s bathroom is the bathtub. Apparently X-Factor judge Kelly Rowland has just given ex-band mate and mum-to-be Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z what every baby needs, a £3,200 mini baby bath covered in no less than 44,928 pink Swarovski crystals. Also following the celeb trend for blinging baths is Formula One heiress Tamara Ecclestone, who spent a whopping £1million on a tub carved from a single rock crystal straight from the Amazon Rainforest. Also, check out these unusual baths for more inspiration…

If you’re stressed out, need to relax or just require some thinking time alone, what you need is a room with a view. The bathroom in Ralph Lauren’s NY apartment is perfectly placed overlooking Central Park Reservoir and is packed full of mirrors which only exaggerate the tranquil scenery that lies below. If your budget won’t stretch to an original Manhattan skyline maybe you could settle for a city view shower curtain instead. Or you could think about relocating… check out these ‘loos with views’.

Of course no celebrity bathroom would be complete without a nice big wet room – a room, generally finished with the best quality marble, devoted to the powerful sprays offered by multiple showerheads. Charlotte Church has one, Christina Aguilera has one, Kate Hudson even has a stripper pole in hers! Alternatively make like jewellery mogul Lam Sai-Win, whose Hong Kong bathroom is kitted out in solid gold, including his toilet. Or, maybe you prefer Kate and Wills’ more regal style, in which case a throne-toilet, fit for a future King and Queen could be the perfect addition to your bathroom.

Unfortunately here at Mira we can’t offer you a bath carved out of crystal or a diamond-encrusted loo-seat but we can kit you out with the best state-of-the-art shower and bath fittings so you can ensure you get that celebrity washing experience, whatever your bathroom looks like.

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