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Mixer Showers from Mira with unique Magni-Flo technology

August 24th | | Mixer showers
Mixer Showers From Mira

The power of the shower is typically rated the number one factor when choosing a shower. No surprises there – whether it’s for freshening up for the day ahead, or washing away the day’s worries nothings better than that warm fuzzy feeling of water pounding down from your  shower. Mira mixer showers feature Magni-Flo technology, a unique valve technology that results in Mira mixers being the UK’s most powerful mixer showers. Look nowhere else for an unbeatable shower experience.

What are mixer showers?

Mixer showers take water from both hot and cold water supplies. They mix the hot and cold to reach a desired temperature, and the water flows much faster than electric showers. They’re ideal if you have lots of hot water on tap and, if you have a high pressure water system, a mixer shower will give you a powerful spray. If you have a low pressure gravity water system, you can boost the flow and make it more forceful by adding a Mira Enduro shower pump, but with Magni-Flo technology Mira mixers perform even at low pressure.

What make Mira mixers different?

No other mixer shower delivers quite as much power a Mira mixer. In fact the patented Magni-Flo technology means that Mira mixers create up to three times more flow of water than any other mixer shower on the market, ensuring the maximum free-flow of water. This high-flow capacity combined with double the number of spray nozzles delivers far better coverage and a more than invigorating shower experience. There’s nothing else quite like it.

Mira has a wide range of mixer showers, with Magni-Flo technology, to offer. From the sleek and mini to the traditional there are many stylish designs to suit your taste and with the choice of multiple-spray showerheads and dual controls for flow and temperature you can fine tune your perfect shower.

For the ultimate in powerful shower experiences, look no further than the Mira Miniluxe with Diverter. With a luxurious deluge head and additional diverter the powerful Magni-Flo technology means this shower has the capability to spray from both showerheads simultaneously or individually, offering a revitalising shower whatever your showering preference. Even better news is that the Miniluxe with Diverter works on all systems and pressures!


Click the banner to find out more about Magni-Flo and enter the ultimate power prize draw.

Click to find out more about Magni-Flo and enter the ultimate power prize draw

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