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Everything you need to know about shower enclosures

August 3rd | | Shower enclosures
Ace Pivot Alcove Shower Enclosure

A shower enclosure may not be the first thing you think about when you are fixing up your bathroom but enclosures provide the sanctuary for you to make the most out of your shower and can have a big impact on the space in your bathroom.

The traditional framed shower enclosure can make a solid impression on any bathroom and it is probably best suited to alcoves within the room to create a flush finish. There are also plenty of options for creating the perfect shower enclosure; corner enclosures  for example, can have curved or cornered finishes with a walk-in doorway or glass doors that open, slide or fold to suit the your space.

For a more contemporary and stylish finish, choose an enclosure that doesn’t hog the lime light is the best option for a more understated look. Our range of Semi-Frameless Enclosures (SFE) creates a sense of space by taking away the extra metal and plastic edges, using modern technology and fantastic design to ensure durability. We offer an extensive range of semi-frameless enclosures in different shapes and sizes to suit any bathroom. Semi-frameless enclosures have proven to be far more popular than the alternatives in recent times, the wet room trend has had a huge impact on enclosures and homeowners now want to create an illusion of space and freedom within the bathroom.

Mira Shower Enclosures

SFE walkin shower enclosureOf course, if space is your number one priority it is worth taking a look at the enclosure solutions that help add that touch of luxury to the bathroom. To really get the spa / hotel look then the MiraFlight Low tray is the ideal choice. The low profile shower tray is the ultimate in space-saving shower design and also allows you to create the sought after wet room feel at a fraction of the cost and effort. For traditional wet rooms the whole bathroom needs to be tanked underneath to avoid disaster, a low profile tray combined with a Walk in Enclosure will allow you to have a luxurious wet room with no fuss. A walk in enclosure can often help you to walk out of the shower feeling so fresh you feel like an entirely different person. Mira has a huge range to choose from and the Mira inward opening Flight ACE bi-fold doors enclosure ensures consistent alignment using a planet gear mechanism. Magnetic strips along the top and bottom of the door ensure a strong consistent closure.

The different shapes of shower enclosuresCorner sliding quadrant2 shower enclosure in the Mira range include:

  • Quadrant
  • Pentagon
  • Square
  • Rectangle


Available with a wide range of door options:

  • Walk-in
  • Pivot Door
  • Bi-fold Door
  • Sliding Door
  • Corner-entry Door

Take a look at our shower enclosure selector tool to find the perfect shower enclosure for you.

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