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Eco Ideas for the Energy Conscious

April 18th | | Latest Trends
EcoLeaf shower

Who would have thought that rising utility bills and environmental concerns would directly influence a new wave of design trends in the bathroom?

The eco shower is giving environmentally conscious people an extra option when it comes to redesigning their bathroom, whilst also appealing to throngs of homeowners because of its style.

Turning the Shower Green

More and more households across the UK are going green, probably as much as a response to the rises in utility bills as a desire to help the environment, and it is the bathroom that is currently seeing the benefit of this trend.

Eco-friendly bathroom accessories are proving very popular in interior design trends at the moment. The eco showerhead is central to this.

This type of showerhead can be found in a range of styles and whilst this is important, it is the benefits that are persuading many people to go green in the bathroom.

Less Water, Same Performance

An eco showerhead can reduce the amount of water in a typical shower by up to 75%. When you consider that an average shower will use 45 litres of water less than the bath, it isn’t hard to see why many people are turning to the shower as the centrepiece of their bathroom.

As you can probably appreciate, the addition of an eco showerhead will bring this water usage down even further. This water reduction is the same across different shower settings too.

However, a water reduction doesn’t mean a reduction in the quality of the shower. The eco showerhead will use air to create the same flow sensation and showering experience meaning that you can enjoy your shower while knowing that you’re using less water.

Find out more about our eco showerhead at Mira Showers and how it could help you go green.

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