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Showering is a fundamental part of everyone’s daily routine, so it is important that your shower is performing at its best every day. Whether it is small changes that will upgrade and improve your water flow or ensuring that it is running at optimum efficiency, we’ve considered the best ways to make the most of your shower.

The Showerhead

To get the most out of your shower, sometimes a small change can make a huge difference. Upgrading a showerhead is a simple and easy change to make, with the effect on the functionality and aesthetics paying off instantly.  The Mira 360  is compatible with all plumbing systems and offers four distinct spray patterns thanks to the unique Mira Flipstream™ Technology. The innovative system provides a diverse range of options, from ‘rain’ for a fully drenching spray to ‘cloud’ for a soft and soothing spa-like experience.

131126_Mira Beat_Fitting kit ChromeFull Showering Kits

Our full showering kits provide you with everything needed to upgrade in one box, including a slide bar, clamp bracket and hose retaining ring.

The Mira Beat kit enables you to easily replace your fittings as it can be adjusted to fit the current skew holes and can work with any system and design.

The kit is available from our online store and in two finishes; white/chrome or chrome, perfectly complementing your shower and bathroom décor.


The Weather

If you notice that your shower goes through stages of good and bad performance, it could be down to the weather. During the summer, although not typically a British one, you may notice that the temperature controls differ from usual.As the weather gets hotter so does the water in your tank which means the system must adjust to ensure it is at your desired temperature. To understand how to adjust your settings to accommodate these changes, look back at our Hot, Hot, Hot Showers post from summer in 2014 for further details.

Bad Performance

If your shower is underperforming, there are multiple factors which can be addressed in order to restore it to its former glory. Low water pressure can be due to a blocked pipes and the solution can be as simple as giving it a deep clean. You don’t need to worry about cleaning every day, instead once a month soak your showerhead in descaling solution or vinegar and water solution to remove the white residue and have great water pressure once again. Take a look at our Spring Cleaning Made Easy post for more advice on how to get your shower looking and working like it is brand new. Alternatively, contact our customer service team who are on hand to provide help and support on shower maintenance.

MIRA Vie+Handset_FRONTShowering Upgrade

If your bathroom needs a complete overhaul and you are looking for an improvement, then our range of affordable electric showers are ideal. The Mira Vie is a great choice if you are on a budget, while our range of specialist replacement products including the Mira Sport Multi-fit and the Mira Jump Multi-fit can easily take the place of what you currently have, no matter the brand.

Do you have any tips to improve your showers efficiency, or is there a problem that you can’t quite get your head around? Let us know by commenting below, sending us a message on Facebook or tweet us @Mirashowers.



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