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Mira launches new Mira Elite QT

November 20th | | News
Elite 1

This is a great year for us as we launch our latest electric shower, the Mira Elite QT, exclusive to Ireland. It will be available to the rest of the UK from February 2016. The Mira Elite QT is the most advanced pumped electric shower available and is 75% quieter than any other pumped shower, without loss of power. We think it is the perfect solution for any low pressure water system.


The Mira Elite QT comes with Mira Clearscale™ Technology which reduces limescale build-up by up to 50%, giving your shower a longer life and better performance. In addition to this is our latest technology, Mira Clean-flo™ where the filter has been specifically designed to be accessible allowing it to be easily cleaned, helping to maintain its performance.

Elite QT_Unit front_Filter_Handset_RGBOperation

The operation of our Mira Elite QT has been acoustically engineered to make it the quietest electric shower around*. The team at Mira reduced the source noise by changing the universal AC motor and redesigning the cooling fan to run cooler and quieter. The team also designed the motor assembly inside Elite QT to ‘float’ and find its natural position using rubber mountings therefore minimising transmitted noise. Additionally, the integrated pump ensures the user has a strong and consistent water flow.

The conveniently designed Mira Elite QT includes a new filter which is easily accessible with a pound or euro coin. In addition it uses the four spray showerhead which has rub-clean nozzles so your shower can maintain its high performance.


The Mira Elite QT was launched in Dublin in October to a select number of Irish journalists. All media were able to view the extensive product displays of the Elite QT with Industrial Design Director, Simon Browning. Simon continued to present the process that his team took to create the Mira Elite QT and was on hand throughout the evening to answer any queries. The following day, the doors opened to customers and tradesman allowing them to see the new Mira Showers Elite product.

LUC01102015_18 large

Elite 2







The Mira Elite QT is available to purchase from local Irish merchants. For more information on the range please visit our website.

Are you looking to upgrade your bathroom with the installation of a Mira Elite? Then take a look at our website, visit our Facebook page or tweet us @Mirashowers for further information.


*Independently tested by the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) at the University of Southampton.

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