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Spray Mode Mira Shower

Ever wondered why your most creative ideas come to you in bizarre places? We here at Mira Showers found that having a shower was a key source for creative ideas, so we delved a bit deeper into reasons why. Research released by Mira Showers found that employees who break for showers during the working day are 42% more productive and a third more creative; we have looked into why below.


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Mira Clock

How To Make The Most Of The Clock Change

October 6th | | News

With the end of British Summer Time fast approaching, temperatures are dropping, the rain clouds are rolling in and the long relaxing evenings are soon to be in the past. We at Mira Showers previously looked into saving time around the house, and with the extra hour gained on Sunday 26th October, there are many [...] Read more

Mira Vision Dual

Time Saving Around The Home

September 17th | | Showers

Whether you’re late for work, rushing to get the kids to school or trying to make the most of your evening, we’re often in a hurry these days. Fortunately, there is a wide range of gadgets and gizmos to help cut some precious minutes from your daily chores, allowing you to enjoy some more time [...] Read more

Mira Electric Shower

Electric Showers Q&A

September 3rd | | News

We here at Mira Showers are proud of our roots, and 35 years ago we launched our first ever electric shower. However, with so many different electric showers now in the market it’s difficult to know which one to go for. To answer questions, we spoke to Tom Rastall, our Product Marketing Manager for Electrics, [...] Read more

Mira raises £50,000 for charity

Kohler Mira Raises £50,000 For Charity

August 27th | | News

Between June 2013 and June 2014 the Kohler Mira business raised £50,000 for CLIC Sargent, a non-profit charity caring for children with cancer and offering support to their families. There are over fifty thousand reasons to show that the fundraising for CLIC Sargent in 2013/14 was a huge success! As the business bids them farewell, [...] Read more

Mira Shower

Mira Showers’ Moment Masters The Rise Of Multi-Generational Living

August 13th | | News

Mira Showers has recently held the very first Mira Moment Masters. A series of roundtable events with an expert panel, the Moment Masters has been created to discuss and advise on topics that most affect Britons in their homes. Born from the statistic that 4% of the UK population have three or more generations living [...] Read more

MIRA Agile EV Stylised

Five Tips for Bathroom Renovation

July 28th | | News

Renovating your bathroom can be a daunting task. On average, people move house more often than they renovate their bathroom, and there are many factors that have to be considered when taking on a new project: Time, cost and catering to varying tastes in design are all variables that need to be calculated before embarking [...] Read more

Blog image

Hot, Hot, Hot Showers!

July 18th | | News

The rather warm weather seems to be continuing across most of the UK, making for a pretty reasonable summer so far. Here at Mira Showers the Customer Service team help explain the effect the seasonal weather can have on your electric shower, and how to make the necessary adjustments during the summer months so it’s [...] Read more

MIRA Fluency_RedDot

Mira Showers Is A Winner In The Red Dot Award 2014

July 9th | | News

Fluency Tap is awarded for high design quality We’ve been celebrating the recent announcement that the Mira Fluency tap has been awarded both the iF award and the Red Dot award for Product Design! The fantastic results follow continued investment and commitment to being better by design, reinforcing our status as the market leading innovative [...] Read more

Mira Shower

Exercise and Showering

June 30th | | Showers

With the football reaching the Quarterfinal stage in Brazil and Murray’s charge at SW19 continues this week, we just can’t stop thinking about our own workout and the best way to the get the most out of our exercise and shower. Did you know that a post-workout shower can offer benefits that include enhanced recovery [...] Read more

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