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Mira Airboost™ Technology

April 21st | | News
Mira Airboost

One in eight electric showers sold in the UK is a Mira Sport, which leads people to wonder why Mira Showers is the go-to brand. Well the secrets out, our Mira Airboost™ technology enhances everyone’s showering experience.

Mira Airboost™ works by an air induction into the water stream, boosting performance through the speed of water coming through the showerhead. At a touch of a button it increases the flow of water by up to 30% giving the feeling of more water but as it’s air doing all the work, no extra water is actually used at all.

Our continuous studies teach us how to enhance and use water, so-much-so we created a film just for you to see how brilliantly simple, yet incredibly effective this flow-boosting technology really is:-

Our first step in filming this video was to visually demonstrate how air could be used to amplify water droplets and therefore the flow of water. We conducted a series of water experiments to find the best way of conveying the effect that air can have in water.

In order to represent and demonstrate this, the experiments included bursting inflated balloons underwater. There were different varieties of these tests, including changing the balloons to be see-through instead of coloured so that when it had burst, the remaining balloon material wasn’t obvious. The balloons were burst using a pin on an extension stick; the timing of which was crucial, so that the burst was captured without the equipment interfering with the shot.

We explored differing ways of injecting air into water, and previous footage from the Mira Showers brand film was also used, however it was using the balloons that really represented the power that Mira’s Airboost™ technology achieves.

If you like the idea of this flow-boosting technology to enjoy a powerful showering experience then look no further than our Mira Sport Max range which is available in 9.0kW or 10.8kW. To find your nearest stockist visit our ‘Where to Buy’ page on the Mira Showers website.Mira Shower Unit

Want a shower with a stronger flow or have more questions? Then why not leave a comment below, visit our Facebook page or tweet us @Mirashowers.

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Mira Panelists

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