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Mira Flight Shower Trays Q & A

April 7th | | Showers
Mira Flight Shower Trays

Mira Showers celebrated the production of our millionth shower tray in Hull this month! As the demand for Mira shower trays continues to increase, our shower tray range has continued to grow with it. With new shapes, sizes and the introduction of the Mira Flight Safe range, we thought it was a good idea to answer all of your burning questions. Tom Rastall, our Product Marketing Manager for Electrics, Power, Trays & Fittings, has stepped up to the plate (or should we say tray?) to answer them:


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Mira Showering Perfection

Making Your Showering Experience The Best It Can Be – The Making Of The Mira Showers Film

March 17th | | News

Water has taught us how to shape our designs, harness its power and develop technology exclusive to Mira. To share our fascination with water, Mira Showers has recently released a film to demonstrate the inspiration behind showering perfection. The final three minute film is actually the fruits of three full studio days and 12 days [...] Read more

Mira Vier Dual

The Modern Home

February 18th | | News

As technology advances, the traditional layout and functionality of the home has started to evolve and advance.  Day to day items can now be controlled remotely thanks to internet connectivity, and contemporary homes can now contain rooms that either didn’t exist a decade ago, or have changed dramatically! Mira Showers has been fascinated with these [...] Read more

Mira Shower

Seasonal Effects On Your Shower

January 24th | | News

Winter has been particularly wet this season however it has still been very cold and hard for us to get out of bed in the mornings. What you may not know is that the winter  also effects mixer, power and electric showers in particular. Mira Showers explains the effect of cold weather on your electric [...] Read more

Mira Shower

Bathroom Safety Without Compromising On Style

January 17th | | News

The bathroom is a relaxing sanctuary from the stresses of modern day life, but it’s not without its hazards! Slips, falls and hot water burns all present risks to people, particularly children and the elderly. Mira Showers explores the most common bathroom risks and how to avoid them, allowing you to worry less and relax [...] Read more

mira-adept-opt 19

How To Innovate And Renovate Your Bathroom

January 13th | | News

Giving your bathroom that much needed renovation can be an immensely rewarding experience – not only can you create a bathroom that you can truly relax in and enjoy, but it can also add serious value to your home. The process of planning, budgeting and executing a timely renovation, however, can be an overwhelming experience. [...] Read more

Mira Platinum

47% of Britons Ashamed of Their Homes

December 18th | | News

A recent survey by the paint company Dulux has found that nearly half of Britons are so ashamed of the state of their interiors that they avoid inviting people into their homes. The survey found that the bedroom was the source of most shame but this was closely followed by the bathroom, with 22% of [...] Read more

Monochrome Mira Shower

2014 Bathroom Trends

December 17th | | Showers

Each year we see exciting interior design trends emerge along with new and pioneering technology that delivers not only on style but also on budget and functionality.  Listed below are some of Pippa Jameson’s key bathroom trend forecasts for 2014. Although they have a bathroom focus, Pippa’s trends can be easily adapted to suit any [...] Read more

Mira Vision Dual_Roomset

Top Features of a Digital Shower

November 25th | | News

With all the talent competitions taking over our TV screens we have been inspired. We are shining the spotlight on our own stars of the shower show and sharing all the best points of digital showers. Here’s our pick of the top ten features of a digital shower: Wireless controls Each with its own innovative [...] Read more

Mira Shower

Just give me five minutes, please!

November 21st | | News

It seems us Brits are now counting on our bathrooms to be our in-home sanctuary with 65% of us using it as a place of solitude. No longer does the lounge or bedroom serve as the ultimate relaxation spot, it’s now the bathroom that, for  over half of us (53%), is the one place we [...] Read more

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